Pearl Snare

The snare drum is used in plenty of marching music.  The marching snare is deeper in size than a normal concert snare, making for a better sound.  Marching snare drums nowadays have a high tension snare on the bottom head.  Snarelines can consist of 2-12 snare drummers.  Usually, 4-5 are found in high schools bands, while 7-10 are common in drum corps.  

Stick GripsEdit

The two main grips for a snare drummer are Matched Grip, which have the hands looking the same.  The one that is used more is Traditional Grip, which makes for better diddle sound.  This makes the left hand form different than the right.  

Stick HeightsEdit

Usually a range from 3" to 12" is good for drumming.  However, 1" to 15" can be used for visual effects.


Visuals are usually stick tricks that make for interesting features, cadences, and other items. Snare drummers can make many visuals.  The most common visuals are the Hi Mom and others.  



Snare Drum Picture